Africa in Miss Universe

The continent of Africa is the world’s second-largest continent in the world. It has unique culture, dynamic and responsive. This continent has fifty-four countries and two disputed. As of 1952 Africa has only few countries competed at the Miss Universe competition. Although just few representatives could go but they are not coming without reception/training preparation.

Between 1952 and 1997 South Africa representatives were selected by Outspan Magazine. The name of Miss Republic of South Africa (RSA) was theming as face of Africa and being famous in that era. In South Africa Miss Universe is very popular title when Miss RSA 1978 reached that crown for the first time. Margaret Gardiner (Miss Cape Town 1978) and later, Miss Universe 1978 made a history for her country on July 24th, 1978 in Acapulco, Mexico. Between 1998 and now the winner of Miss South Africa by CELL and Sun International may welcome to fight for the Miss Universe competition. The current CEO/Director does well job every year by producing, relating and making the Miss SA production bigger, between 1952 and 2016 South Africa has one winner and other twenty placements in Runner-up, Top 5, Top 10 and/or Top 15.
In Botswana there was Mpule Kwelagobe who fired Miss Universe 1998 stage on May, 12th, 1999 in the Trinidad and Tobago. Botswana was run by Miss Universe Botswana and sent its winner for the first time then won. This history was coming with a proud as African Pride.
Something huge also exists in Committee of Miss Angola. Since 1998 the main winner goes to Miss Universe. In 2011 Leila Lopes (Miss Angola 2010/2011) crowned Miss Universe in Brazil. Angola is famous about beautiful women and beauty pageant. Every year every girl wants to compete and the regular system in Miss Angola history decides to hold province selection before competing on grand stage. In Angola Miss Universe is being trendsetter.
In Egypt Miss Universe has huge attention. Although Egypt does not get one placement since 1987, the country consistently sends the winner to Miss Universe Pageant. In 2014 Miss Egypt last edition was held in Cairo by Youssef Spahi. Lara Debanne is the last Miss Egypt who participated in Miss Universe history.
In 1995 the Miss Universe hosted in Namibia. This was one of the best ways from MUO to explore its celebration across the world. Namibia is the first country where Miss Universe was held for the first time in 1995 by Namibia, Ministry of Tourism  and Culture.
Some time, Africa could not be consistent to pursuit a dream in Miss Universe. Some countries tell if Miss Universe is the hardest International competition in the world. That can be a true because this is Miss Universe. Africa won Miss Universe in 1978 (South Africa), 1992 (Namibia), 1999 (Botswana) and 2011 (Angola). Between 1952 and 2016 there are twenty-seven countries from Africa competing at the Miss Universe. They are Angola (1998-Present), Benin (1962), Botswana (1999-2013), Congo DR (1968-1986), Cote d’Ivoire (1986), Egypt (1987-2014), Ethiopia (2004-2014), Gabon (2012-2015), Gambia (1983-1986), Ghana (1991-2015), Kenya (1987-Present), Lesotho (1978), Liberia (1974-1977), Madagascar (1961), Mauritius (1975-Present), Morocco (1957-1978), Namibia (1981-Present), Nigeria (1964-Present), Senegal (1974-1987), Seychelles (1995), Sierra Leone (2016-Present), South Africa (1952-Present), Swaziland (1993-1994), Tanzania (2007-Present), Tunisia (1960-1978), Zambia (1995-2010) and Zimbabwe (1994-2001) while some countries are planning to debut in Miss Universe history such as Cameroon, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda and Togo.

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