Kyrgyzstan Goes to Miss Universe

After many years negotiated, a dream comes so real.

Would it be a hoax again?
Something new from a rugged Central Asian country, Kyrgyzstan. According to the official Kyrgyzstan news that the country has a right to compete in this year, Miss Universe by MUO in New York City. Long time ago Kyrgyzstan negotiated to get Miss Universe franchise for the winner of Miss Kyrgyzstan but the result had always unsuccessful. In 2013 a rumor came from this country that a current Miss Kyrgyzstan might allow to compete at the Miss Universe 2014 in Doral, USA but the fact it was not happening.
Today everything is changing, Kyrgyzstan has full experience in Miss World and Miss International without any placement.
Miss Universe in Kyrgyzstan is getting attention every year. Meanwhile the country does not present in the pageant but it still exists to be a good brand TV show.
On April 10th, 2017 the Miss Kyrgyzstan posted their official announcement on Instagram about Miss Universe Kyrgyzstan.
Right now, Kyrgyzstan still hides who would be the first Miss Kyrgyzstan to the biggest, Miss Universe.
Please welcome to Kyrgyzstan.

article kyrgyzstan goes to miss universe


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