Road to Miss Universe 2018

Get Ready for the Upcoming Miss Universe® 2018!
The 94 young ladies across the world are going to compete at Miss Universe 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand on December 16th, 2018. Who will be the 67th Miss Universe? Here we see the name of national pageant winners and their issues.

  1. 2018 Miss Universe Albania, Trejsi Sejdini
    She is a Model, Gang gang by Fero and Jealousy by Mozzik in Albania.
  2. 2018 Miss Angola, Ana Liliana Avião
    She studies Business Management in the Netherlands where she was 
    also elected Miss Angola BENELUX.
  3. 2018 Miss Argentina, Agustina Pivowarchuk
    She is a model and a winner of Caras Glam 2017.
  4. 2018 Miss Universe Armenian, Okzabat Eliza Muradyan
    She is a CEO of Elysee. She is graduated from Medical Science at 
    Moscow Medical Academy in Russia.
  5. 2018 Miss Aruba, Kimberly Danielle Julsing
    She is a Model from Daimari. She was awarded as Best of the Best
    Beauty World 2017.
  6. 2018 Miss Universe Australia, Francesca Hung
    She studies Masters in Publishing at the University of Sydney.
  7. 2018 Miss Bahamas, Danielle Grant
    She is a Graduate of Queen’s College and has studied Business and
    Administration at Johnson and Wales.
  8. 2018 Miss Barbados, Meghan Theobalds
    She is an Account Representative.
  9. 2018 Miss Universe Belgium, Zoé Brunet
    She is a Studet from Namur and Miss World Cup 2018. She was appointed
    by Darline Devos, the President of Miss België. Due to schedule
    problem between Miss Universe and Miss World, the main winner moved to
    Miss World. Zoé is a Runner-up from this year edition.
  10. 2018 Miss Belize, Jenelli Nicole Fraser
    She is having a program to Life Line Foundation Charity Organization.
  11. 2018 Miss Bolivia, Joyce Prado Ribero
    She is a Model and a Tourism Ambassador of Bolivia Promociones Gloria.
  12. 2018 Miss Brasil, Mayra Emily Dias Alves
    She is graduated from Journalism major.
  13. 2018 Miss British Virgin Islands, A'yana Suchislife Phillips
    She is a Business Administration student at the H Lavity Stoutt 
    Community College on Tortola.
  14. 2018 Miss Universe Bulgaria, Gabriela Tapalowa
    She a Top Model from Plavdiv.
  15. 2017 Miss Cambodia, Rern Nat
    She is a CSR Worker and a DJ on ABC Cambodia.
  16. 2018 Miss Universe Canada, Marta Magdalena Stepien
    She studies at St. Clair College, ambitiously earning her diploma in
    biomedical engineering technology.
  17. 2018 Miss Cayman Islands, Caitlin Tyson
    She is a Writer. She is having 3 of her original poems published in 
    'Amaze' through NAACP nominee and internationally acclaimed author/
    poet Kwame Alexander's A Book in a Day.
  18. 2018 Miss Chile, Andrea Díaz Gonzalez
    She is a Social Communicator.
  19. 2018 Miss Universe China, Qin Meisu
    She is a China Charity Ambassador - “Explore Mid China”. She is
    graduated from University of Alberta, in Mathematics major.
  20. 2018 Señorita Colombia Rumbo a Miss Universo, Valeria Morales Delgado
    She is an Owner of Professional Models Fashion Academy and Social
    Communication student from Broward College, Florida, United States.
  21. 2018 Miss Costa Rica, Natalia Carvajal Sanchez
    She is an Environmentalist, a Television Presenter and a Publicist.
  22. 2018 Miss Universe Hrvatske, Mia Susana Pojatina
    She is a Pianist and a Volleyball Player. She graduated from Medical 
    Laboratory Diagnosis at the Zagreb University in Healthcare 
  23. 2018 Miss Curaçao, Akisha Albert
    She is a Model and former Virreina Hispanoamericana 2017.
  24. 2018 Česká Miss, Vanessa Lea Šteflíčková
    She is a Model at model ve společnosti PH Model Management.
  25. 2018 Miss Universe Denmark, Helena Heuser
    She is in her next mission is to get a diver certificate and
    experience a new world under the water. Helena has been working as a 
    volunteer at the Red Cross Organization.
  26. 2018 Miss República Dominicana, Aldy María Bernard Bonilla
    She is working at modelling agency named Ossygeno Models Management.
    She has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. She also recently
    graduated from Escuela Nacional de Locución Profesor Otto Rivera.
  27. 2018 Miss Ecuador, Virginia Stephanie Limongi Silva
    She is a Model from Portoviejo. She named beauty queen winner from
    Miss World Ecuador in 2014, Reina de Portoviejo, and Reina de Manabí 
    in 2012.
  28. 2018 Miss Egypt, Nariman Khaled
    She studied Business Informatics at BIS, Faculty of Commerce HU,
    Program Administration.
  29. 2018 Reinado de El Salvador, Marisela de Montecristo
    She is graduated from Communication major and a Television Presenter.
  30. 2018 Miss Suomi, Alina Voronkova
    She is a Bachelor degree in Philology.
  31. 2018 Miss Universe France, Eva Colas
    She is a Bachelor of ESCE International Business School, a Diploma in
    Economic Université Paris Dauphine. She is currenty studying master of
    finance at Université Paris Dauphine. She was appointed by Sylvie
    Tellier, the President of Miss France Organization. The main winner
    headed to Miss World after Miss France 2019 and Miss Universe 2018 had
    extremely matched time. Eva is a Runner-up from this year edition.
  32. 2018 Miss Universe Georgia, Larissa Petrosyan
    She is a Model from Telavi. She was appointed by Ia Kitsmarishvili, 
    the President of Mis Sakartvelo Foundation in IC Model after the main 
    winner headed to Miss World and relocated to Miss Universe 2019. 
    Larissa was a Runner-up from last year edition.
  33. 2018 Miss Universe Germany, Olga Celine Willers
    She is a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and a Master of
    Arts in Corporate Communication and works for Ernest & Young. She also
    gained some experiences in a popular German children TV show.
  34. 2018 Miss Universe Ghana, Akpene Diata Hoggar
    She is a Travel Blogger and Entrepreneur. She is co-founder of
  35. 2018 Miss Universe Great Britain, Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers
    She is Bachelor of Law from University of Birmingham in Edgbaston. She
    is an Athlete and a Firth Black Woman who won Miss Universe Great
    Britain in history.
  36. 2018 Star Hellas, Karset Ioanna Bella
    She is a Make up artist and Aesthetic.
  37. 2018 Miss Guam, Athena Eva McNinch
    She is a Junior at the University of Guam and the first Truman Scholar
    from the University of Guam to double major in Public Administration
    and Criminal Justice.
  38. 2018 Miss Guatemala, Mariana Garcia
    She is a Model and Radio Host.
  39. 2018 Miss Haiti, Samantha Colas
    She is a Social Communicator and graduated from Universite Notre Dame 
    d’Haiti in Port-au-Prince.
  40. 2018 Miss Honduras, Claudia Vanessa Villars Figueroa
    She is a Model and Presenter TV.
  41. 2018 Miss Universe Hungary, Enikő Kecskès
    She is a Student at Business Administration and Management (PSZK).
  42. 2018 Miss Universe Iceland, Katrín Lea Elenudóttir
    She is a Student at Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík.
  43. 2018 Miss Diva, Nehal Chudasama
    She a freelance fitness consultant, anchor and a model. She is 
    currently studying to become IPS officer.
  44. 2018 Puteri Indonesia, Sonia Fergina Citra
    She is a Digital Marketing Executive.
  45. 2018 Miss Universe Ireland, Grainne Gallanagh
    She is a Nurse and a Bachelor of Science.
  46. 2018 Malkat Ha'Yofi, Nikol Kirot Reznikov
    She studies Communication in Afula.
  47. 2018 Miss Universo Italia, Erica de Matteis
    She is a Student of Science.
  48. 2018 Miss Jamaica, Emily Maddison
    She has just graduated from high school and is taking a year off from
    her studies. She enjoys reading Manga and eating spicy food. Maddison
    is interested in following a healthy lifestyle and does yoga.
  49. 2018 Miss Japan, Yuumi Kato
    She is a Reporter and an Actress from Nagoya.
  50. 2017 Miss Universe Kazakhstan, Sabina Zairovna Azimbaeva
    She is a Student at the College of Almaty.
  51. 2018 Miss Universe Kenya, Wabaiya Kariuki
    She is a Actuarial Science student at Daystar University.
  52. 2018 Miss Queen Korea, Baek Ji-hyun
    She is a 3D Print PR Ambassador.
  53. 2018 Miss Kosova, Zana Berisha
    She is graduated from Economics major in Kosovo.
  54. 2017 Miss Kyrgyzstan, Begimay Karybekova
    She is a Student at International University of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek.
    She was Top 7 at the Top Model of the World in 2016.
  55. 2018 Miss Universe Laos, On-anong Homsombath
    She is graduated from Kasposvar University in Hungary, majoring
    International Relations. She works at Mekong River Commission.
  56. 2018 Miss Lebanon, Sarah Maya Reaidy Kalil
    She is Studying Pharmacy at Lebanese American University (LAU).
  57. 2018 Miss Malaysia, Jane Teoh Jun
    She studies Finance and Accounting in Bayan Lepas.
  58. 2018 Miss Universe Malta, Francesca Mifsud
    She studies Law at University of Malta in Tal-Qroqq.
  59. 2018 Estrella Mauritius, Ariska Varsha Ragoobarsing
    She is a Chairperson and a Founder of Anou Apran Non-Governmental 
    Organization (NGO).
  60. 2018 Mexicana Universal, Andrea Isabel Toscano Ramírez
    She studies Nutrition Science at University of Colima. This year 
    pageant is renamed as "Mexicana Universal" by Lupita Jones, Miss 
    Universe 1991 and the President of Mexicana Universal.
  61. 2018 Miss Universe Mongolia, Dolgion Delgerjav
    She graduated in Humanity studies. She pins in Marketing and Human
    Resource Management, Environmental and Ecological Protection.
  62. 2018 Miss Myanmar, Hnin Thway Yu Aung
    She studies Nursing Science at Kyaing Tong University in Kengtung.
  63. 2018 Miss Namibia, Sussie Selma Kamanya
    She studies Economics at Namibia University of Science and Technology 
    (NUST) in Windhoek.
  64. 2018 Miss Nepal, Manita Devkota
    She awarded University Graduate Alana Awards Dean's List Honor Roll. 
    In 2017, she has taken in protest Women’s March to support 
    marginalised individuals and issues.
  65. 2018 Miss Nederland, Rahima Ayla Dirkse
    She studies Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences in Rotterdam.
  66. 2018 Miss New Zealand, Estelle Curd
    She is a HR, H&S and CRM Manager of a large national automotive group.
  67. 2018 Miss Nicaragua, Adriana Maria Paniagua Cabrera
    She has a licence in Global Management and Finance. In 2011 She won 
    Miss Teen International.
  68. 2018 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Universe, Aramide Oluwatobi Lopez
    She is a Student of Nursing from Lagos.
  69. 2018 Miss Norway, Susanne Næss Guttorm
    She pursues her career in Contracting Engineering.
  70. 2018 Señorita Panamá, Rosa Iveth Montezuma Montero
    She studies Educational Informatics and has a degree in Food Science
    and Technology.
  71. 2018 Reinas de Belleza del Paraguay, María Belén Alderete Gayoso
    She is a Professional Model from Cordillera.
  72. 2017 Miss Perú, Romina Lazano Saldana
    She studies Nutrition Science and promotes the opposition of 
    violence against women in Peru.
  73. 2018 Binibining Pilipinas, Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray
    She is a Commercial Model. She earned her Certificate in Music Theory 
    from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.
  74. 2018 Miss Universe Poland, Magdalena Swat
    She is a Psychologist and a Blogger. She was appointed by Jagoda 
    Piatek-Wlodarczyk, the President of Miss Polonia after the main winner
    designated to alternative pageant Miss World 2018. Magdalena was a 
    Runner-up from last year edition.
  75. 2017 Miss República Portuguesa, Filipa Barosso Ramalho
    She is a Hula Hoop Dancer and future Vet. She completed a 
    pre-university course and would eventually like to become a Vet and be
    able to support animal rights.
  76. 2018 Miss Puerto Rico, Kiara Liz Ortega
    She is a Student of Nursing at Universidad Metropolitana.
  77. 2018 Miss Russia, Yulia Sergeyevna Polyachikhina
    She studies Journalism at the Chuvash State University.
  78. 2018 Miss Saint Lucia, Angella Elvina Dalsou
    She is a Psychology student, minor in Human Resource Management at the
    University of West Indies.
  79. 2018 Miss Universe Singapore, Zahra Khanum
    She studied theater for six years in art school and a design
  80. 2018 Miss Slovenskej Republiky, Barbora Hanová
    She studied Master in Visual Communication at Hochschule fur
    Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW.
  81. 2018 Miss South Africa, Tamaryn Green
    She studies Medical Science at University of Cape Town.
  82. 2018 Miss España, Miriam Parades Ginés
    She is a Nurse from Madrid.
  83. 2018 Miss Sri Lanka, Ornella Mariam Jayasiri Gunesekere
    She studied Applied Health at Azusa Pacific University.
  84. 2018 Miss Sweden, Emma Marie Strandberg Winkel
    She is a Student of Humanities & International communication at 
    Mälardalens University.
  85. 2018 Miss Schweiz, Jastina Doreen Riederer
    She is a Brand Ambassador of Miss Schweiz from Retail Specialist.
  86. 2018 Miss Universe Thailand, Sophida Kanchanarin
    She is a Manager of Investment Banking at TMB Bank.
  87. 2018 Miss Turkey, Tara Madelaine De Vries
    She is a Student of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences,
    Department of Business Administration, Koç University.
  88. 2018 Miss Ukraine Universe, Karyna Zhosan
    She is a Model and Advertising Star. She is a graduate from Odessa 
    National Academy of Food Technology and specializes in Hotel 
    Restaurant and Tourism Business.
  89. 2018 Miss Uruguay, Sofia Marrero
    She is a Model from Montevideo.
  90. 2018 Miss USA, Sarah Rose Summers
    She is a Child Life Specialist. She earned two degrees at Texas 
    Christian University in child development and strategic communication
    with a minor Business.
  91. 2018 Miss US Virgin Islands, Aniska Tonge
    She is a Physiologist and a Counselor.
  92. 2017 Miss Venezuela, Sthefany Yoharlis Gutierrez
    She studies Law at Santa Maria University in the state of Anzoategui.
  93. 2017 Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ Việt Nam, H'hen Nie
    She came from minority ethnic, Rade group and joined Vietnam's Next 
    Top Model in 2015.
  94. 2018 Miss Universe Zambia, Melba Emmanuelah Shakabozha
    She is a student of Radiology. She is a brand ambassador of Vodafone.

~ 2019 Edition ~

  1. 2019 Señorita Colombia, Gabriela Tafur Náder
    She studied law at the University of the Andes.
  2. 2017 Miss Georgia, Nia Tsivtsivadze
    She has completed her business administration studies.
  3. 2018 Miss Universe Kazakhstan, Kamila Kozhakhanova
  4. 2018 Miss Kyrgyzstan, Elmara Buranbaeva
  5. 2018 Miss Polonia, Milena Sadowska
    She studies journalism and social communication at the Papal
    University in Krakow.
  6. 2018 Miss República Portuguesa, Carla Rumaría Rodrigues De Flaviis
    She has a degree in Journalism from European University.
  7. 2018 Miss Universe Sierra Leone, Marie Esther Bangura
    She is a student and graduated at Methodist Girls High School
  8. 2018 Miss Venezuela
  9. 2017 Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ Việt Nam for Miss Universe 2019, Hoàng Thị Thùy
    She studied a sophomore majoring in Industrial Design at Hanoi
    Architectural University.